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Micro Integration has been providing technology product solutions and services to area businesses and school districts since 1993. MI’s team is comprised of certified professionals, committed to customer satisfaction and performance that has driven the expansion of our family of customers. We fortify our commitment to customer service by selecting manufacturers that are the leaders in technology, and emphasize the same standards for excellence that are maintained at Micro Integration. Our focus is relationship based business, knowing our integrity and reputation insure return business, and ongoing referrals.

Micro Integration has had the honor of installing one of the first “Gigabit” technology sites in the Houston area, as well as one of the first IP/TV installations. We have the ability to provide as much, or as little, professional assistance as you may require. Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Wireless, Telephony, Video or Voice - our clients don't have to be technology experts, because they HAVE a technology expert, familiar with their business, their network and goals.

Micro Integration keeps up with changes in technology. As your business partner, it is our job to keep you informed about new technology and its potential impact on your network. Improved performance is only one benefit, it often results in cost reductions due to more efficient utilization of hardware and personnel, all of which contribute to minimizing the overall cost of ownership. As technology races ahead, rest assured that with Micro Integration on your team, access to demonstrations, and seminars on the “latest and greatest” advances are at your fingertips.










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